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First-ever Women’s Snocross Race hits Downtown

Women’s snocross race hits for the first time in the history of the Western Sno-Riders association. There was a women’s section at the club’s annual snocross event in Corner Brook this past weekend.

That’s great news! Snocross is a famous winter sport that involves racing snowmobiles on a snow-covered track. It’s splendid to see the Western Sno-Riders hosting their first women’s snocross race. This indicates a commitment to promoting gender equality in the sport and providing opportunities for female snowmobile racers.

Downtown Corner Brook is an exciting location for the women’s snocross race. It will bring a lot of attention to the sport and create a festive atmosphere for the racers and spectators. I hope that this event will inspire more women to get involved in snocross and help grow the sport.

Western Sno-Riders

The Western Sno-Riders is a snowmobile club based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada. The club is dedicated to promoting safe and responsible snowmobiling.

Some of the activities that the Western Sno-Riders are involved in include trail grooming, trail maintenance, fundraising events, and social gatherings. In addition to these activities, the Western Sno-Riders are known for hosting snocross races and other snowmobile events. They have a reputation for putting on high-quality races. All the races are well-attended and provide a thrilling experience for racers and spectators alike.

Overall, the Western Sno-Riders are a great example of a dedicated and passionate snowmobile club. They are making a positive impact on the community and are helping to grow the sport of snowmobiling in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rules for Women’s Snocross Race

Women’s snocross racing is growing in popularity, and more and more women are participating in races across North America. The increased visibility of female snowmobile racers has encouraged more women to take up the sport and pursue their racing careers.

Snocross is a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled sport that requires skill, bravery, and precision. The rules and format are similar to men’s races, with racers competing on challenging, snow-covered tracks filled with jumps, turns, and obstacles.

Participants of Women’s Snocross Race

Womens snocross race

From left to right: Danika McCarthy, Jenelle Hickey, Maggie Barron, Morgan Hynes, Whitney Shortall, and Jenica Curlew. These are the first-ever women to participate in the women’s snocross race organized by Western Sno-Riders.

Maggie Barron was one of six female racers to compete on Saturday in Corner Brook. It’s just one of the firsts achieved at the snowmobile club’s Snow Pitch event.

She said “I want girlfriends that ride a sled,” she said. “It’s really nice that we’re all here meeting each other… Maybe we’ll become a little group from it.”

Barron said all the female riders were a little nervous for their first race. She thinks the women’s race will be a tradition moving forward. Barron said she was happy to connect with the other female snocross riders, as many of them had not known each other before Saturday’s event. 

Women’s Snocross Race Venue

The race also saw a new venue with the Basha Memorial Softball Field.

Typically our race event is Race On The Rock, which happens at Marble Mountain every year,” said Green. This year, race organizer Mark Hutchinson had the idea to have the race in downtown Corner Brook instead. 

The city council approved the idea to hold the event at Basha Memorial Softball Field. Green said the City of Corner Brook has been a huge help. They’ve been phenomenal in their support of this event. They’ve provided us with a lot of equipment and they’ve been so supportive.


Snowmobiling is a sport that offers a lot of challenges. Always keep yourself safe while snowmobiling and learn more about safety with Internation Snowmobile Safety Week.

Western sno-riders club gives the best opportunity for women to participate and enjoy this winter sport. They are doing their best and giving women the best platform to build their racing careers. As a snowmobiler, you have to look forward to these racing events. I would encourage all the women to take part in this kind of winter sport offered by different racing communities.


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