Best Snowmobiles for trail Riding

Best Snowmobiles for Trail Riding

Are you finding the best snowmobiles for trail riding? Don’t worry we’ve done the hard work for you. Trail riding is a widely favored form of snowmobiling due to its accessibility, making it a popular choice for riders of all levels. Many individuals begin their snowmobiling journey on trails and continue to enjoy this style throughout their lives.

Snowmobile trail riding can offer a sense of adventure and excitement as riders navigate through snowy terrain, including hills, curves, and varying snow conditions. It allows riders to experience the beauty of winter landscapes

If you have a deep appreciation for trail riding, it is essential to invest in a top-notch snowmobile specifically designed for this purpose.

What is Trail Snowmobile?

A trail snowmobile, also known as a trail sled, is a type of snowmobile specifically designed and optimized for trail riding. These snowmobiles are engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable. Trail snowmobiles are typically heavier than other styles of sleds.

Heavier weight makes them less capable in deeper snow conditions but gives you more traction and maneuverability in groomed trail conditions. Trail snowmobiles are also suitable for beginners because they aren’t as powerful or aggressive as more advanced models.  

What to Look in Best Trail Snowmobile?

Track: An ideal trail snowmobile typically features a shorter track, enhancing maneuverability and making it easier to navigate through various trail conditions.

Power: For experienced riders, the power output of the engine becomes a crucial factor when considering a trail snowmobile. Some models are specifically designed to be exceptionally fast, catering to riders who seek exhilarating speed and performance on the trails.

Handling: They will also have other features that make them easy to use when it comes to handling. Trail snowmobiles are typically heavier than different styles of sleds. This makes them less capable in deeper snow but gives you more traction and maneuverability in groomed trail conditions.

Additionally, these snowmobiles prioritize comfort, allowing riders to enjoy extended hours of riding without any concerns. So you should consider all these factors before making your final decision.

Top 5 Best Snowmobiles for Trail Riding

The Wait is over and here are my picks for the best snowmobiles for trail riding this year. All of the models you see here will give you excellent trail performance with the required comfort. 

1. Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX LE EPS

Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX LE EPS
  • Power steering
  • 137-inch Rip Saw track
  • Wide stance for stability 
  • 4-stroke 998cc turbo engine

The Sidewinder L-TX LE is designed to conquer challenging terrains with remarkable performance. Its front suspension features high-quality FOX Zero QS3-R shocks with a Kashima coat, providing exceptional control and responsiveness. The rear suspension utilizes dual shock SR137 design with a QS3 Kashima center shock and a robust Zero QS3-R 2.0-inch rear shock, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough surfaces.

The ARCS front clip with a wide stance and Stryke single-keel skis contribute to precise steering, while the long-travel coupled rear SRV suspension. This is a quality trail option all around, but it’s not necessarily the best option for beginners. It has a higher price tag and increased performance that can overwhelm inexperienced riders.

2. Ski-Doo MXZ

Ski-doo MXZ
  • Excellent handling
  • Rotax engine
  • 180-horsepower
  • Water Injection System

The Ski-Doo MXZ is an excellent choice for beginner trail riders, offering a range of features that cater to their needs. Despite its capabilities, this sled comes with an affordable price tag, making it an attractive entry-level option that provides a quality riding experience and represents a sound investment.

The MXZ offers different versions with additional features beyond the basic model. You can choose upgraded versions at a higher cost for extra functionalities not included in the standard model.

3. Polaris Indy VR1

Polaris Indy VR1
  • Hand warmers
  • 650 Patriot engine
  • Good acceleration
  • 137-inch ice ripper track

The Polaris Indy VR1 is another impressive option for trail riding. Powered by a 650 Patriot engine, it offers a good balance of acceleration without overwhelming the average rider. The hand warmers and the Ride Command 7S display enhance the overall experience on the trails.

The Indy VR1 stands out with its smooth handling, allowing riders to effortlessly maintain control even at higher speeds. It is a versatile sled that caters to riders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts.

4. Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat

Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat
  • Power steering
  • Superb handling
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Turbo-charged 998cc engine

For professional trail riders desiring exceptional speed, the Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat stands out as one of the fastest production sleds available and it will be the best snowmobile for trail riding if you have enough experience. Beyond its acceleration, the power steering elevates the handling to exceptional levels, allowing riders to navigate corners with ease.

Additionally, the ATAC adjustable suspension enables on-the-fly adjustments, optimizing the sled’s performance based on trail conditions. Furthermore, the sled comes with a higher price tag that may be beyond the budget of most riders.

5. Ski-Doo Renegade

Ski-Doo Renegade
  • Relaxing
  • Rotax engine
  • Large digital display
  • All-around performance

The Ski-Doo Renegade is an impressive trail snowmobile that offers a great balance of affordability and performance. It serves as a suitable choice for riders on a budget who seek a quality ride without excessive costs. The Renegade enables riders to enjoy extended hours on the trails without discomfort.

It delivers excellent handling and has the capability to reach high speeds for those who desire an adrenaline rush. The Renegade is available in multiple versions, with the base model offering fewer features compared to the more expensive trims.

Tips for Safe Trail Riding | Beginners

New trail riders often face challenges with ridding position and navigating tight corners, as maintaining control can be difficult. It is crucial to understand the technique of easing off the throttle before entering a corner to prevent excessive momentum. Mastering this skill requires practice, patience, and familiarizing yourself with your snowmobile’s handling characteristics.

When embarking on extended trail rides, it is advisable to carry a map, utilize a trail app, or rely on a GPS device, particularly when exploring unfamiliar areas. Having a reliable navigation tool is essential for preventing the potential dangers of getting lost in cold and unfamiliar surroundings.


Trail riding is a ton of fun and the great thing about trail riding is that just about anybody can do it. All the Models that we’ve discussed above are the best snowmobiles for trail riding but choosing the ideal snowmobile for yourself relies on your preferences, riding style, and specific needs.

It is highly recommended to test ride various models and seek guidance from local dealers or experienced riders to determine the snowmobile that best aligns with your specific requirements and you won’t be disappointed if you get any of these. 


Suitable or Not:

Mountain snowmobiles are not as suitable for trails as trail-specific models due to their longer tracks and lighter weight.

Must have things:

It is recommended to bring food, water, and safety equipment for extended rides. For multi-day trips, ensure you have sufficient gear to stay warm and comfortable.

Track Lenght:

For trail riding, snowmobiles typically have a track length ranging from 120 to 140 inches. This shorter length enhances maneuverability and ease of handling for the average rider.

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