Snowmobile Safety Week

International Snowmobile Safety Week

Snowmobiles are designed and built to be used in the snow but some riders use them on lakes as well. They’re a delightful way to go about in places where there is heavy snowfall and are enjoyed by millions all over the world as a winter sport.

International Snowmobile Safety and Awareness Week starts on the 21st of January and ends on the 27th of January.

International Snowmobile Safety Week starts on the third Saturday of January every year. The purpose of this week was to spread awareness among the people who love snowmobiling and some new beginners who are looking forward to starting their snowmobile journey.

International Snowmobile Safety Week History

Since 1993, snowmobile organizations, clubs, and communities have been supported by providing events, classes, and more. International Snowmobile Safety Week was created to encourage people to use necessary safety equipment like helmets and protective gear and to use snowmobiles made by authorized companies.

Snowmobile History

Grass Roots Efforts

The combined efforts of industry, government, and volunteers in this International Snowmobile Safety Week campaign are unprecedented; the assistance of the 3,000 + local clubs across the Snowbelt is critical to its success. YOU know what can work in your individual community better than anyone else, and your help is vital.

Importance of International Snowmobile Safety Week

  • Realize the Importance

An important way of realizing the safety precaution for snowmobile riding is to learn about them. Most of the accidents reported with snowmobiles were shown to be due to negligence in safety precautions. This week helps us to understand the importance of protective gear.

  • Wake up Call to Protect the Environment

Every snowmobiler has a responsibility to protect the environment. Some riders use different snowmobiles which can be harmful to the environment, So they will have to buy those snowmobiles that can be less polluted and eco-friendly.

  • Chance to Improve Knowledge

Beginners in this sport can learn a lot and it helps them to gain knowledge about snowmobiling. International Snowmobile Safety Week is the best opportunity for snowmobilers to understand the importance and future of Ski-Doo.

Coming Dates of International Snowmobile Safety Week

2023January 21Saturday
2024January 20Saturday
2025January 18Saturday
2026January 17Saturday

Amazing Facts about Snowmobile

Some peoples have a lot of concerns about the snowmobile industry, So that is why we’ve listed amazing facts about snowmobiles that will blow your mind are following.

  • Snowmobiling is a $22 million business in the USA.
  • The United States has 230,000 miles of marked snowmobiling tracks.
  • The greatest distance traveled in a snowmobile is 2,081 miles and it’s a World Record.
  • In the right conditions and speed, snowmobiles can be used on the surface of the water.

These facts are good to know and you can share them with your snowmobile community, So they will get some knowledge from you as well.


As we all know that if we don’t care about our environment and precautions to enjoy snowmobiling then the situation of the environment and accidents will go worst than before, So we all have a responsibility to do better things for our upcoming generations. If we do little things to improve then we all will be successful in growing a better atmosphere for everyone.


Night Riding :

Yes. Many believe that snowmobiling is more fun and peaceful at night because it is less crowded and it can seem more adventurous.

Canadians Prnonciation :

This popularity led to Skidoo (sometimes ski-doo), with the derived verb ski-doing becoming the traditional generic term for a snowmobile in much of Canada.

Inventor of Snowmobile :

Québécois mechanic Joseph-Armand Bombardier made the first snowmobile in 1935. Today, there are more than 600,000 registered snowmobiles in Canada.

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