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Best Snowmobile Brand to Buy, Complete Guide

Looking for the best snowmobile brand? Let’s Find the Best Snowmobile Brand for you. In the world of snowmobiles, several well-known snowmobile brands have been making reliable machines for decades. A lot of people know of these brands, but not everyone knows what the differences are between them.

Many say that Ski-Doo is the best snowmobile brand, as this company is the market leader in the snowmobile industry. Others disagree and say that Yamaha is the best snowmobile brand, even if it has the smallest market share. This is because the durability and reliability of Yamaha snowmobiles are legendary. To make the decision more difficult, there are two more reputable brands on the market, which are Polaris and Arctic Cat.

Suppose you’re buying a snowmobile you might become overwhelmed by the number of brands and models currently available on the market. Today we will review the four major snowmobile brands, Ski-Doo, Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha and it will help you to find the best snowmobile brand for you.

Which Snowmobile Brand Should You Buy? 

The first question is asked by beginners who are looking to buy their first snowmobile. The truth is, they are all pretty awesome snowmobile brands and there is no exact answer. Take the time to look through the models they offer and decide based on your needs and preferences in the snow whenever you pick a snowmobile brand.

Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Nearly every second snowmobile ride in America is a Ski-Doo and it put this in the number one spot among the best snowmobile brands. It shows how reliable Ski-Doo sleds are. Ski-Doo is arguably the market leader in the snowmobile industry, as this company has a market share of 40-50% each year.

Ski-Doo snowmobiles are manufactured by Canadian BRP Inc. (Bombardier Recreational Products). The first model was presented in 1959 and was designed by Joseph Armand Bombardier. One thing that the brand is well-known for is its commitment to innovation and design. They are always putting out the best snowmobile models with new features and functions built to increase performance and rider experience.

Ski-Doo Summit Snowmobile

Best Snowmobile of Ski-Doo

There have been many popular models that the ski doo has put out over the years, but the Summit is one of their top ones which makes them the best snowmobile brand. This solid big mountain and powder riding machine excels in deep snow and is ready for action. Most Ski-Doos have 2-stroke engines, but the brand has tested with 4-stroke models. Most users said that the 2-stroke Ski-Doos are way better than the 4-strokes.

Ski-Doo or Polaris Who is the best Snowmobile brand?

Many say that Ski-Doo is the best snowmobile brand and better than Polaris, as Ski-Doo is the market leader year after year. The Canadian company is known for its endless innovation, unique features, and impressive marketing. These are probably what make Ski-Doos the best-selling snowmobile each year. But it’s fair to say that Polaris sleds also have their strengths, so finally it seems that it’s all about personal preference.

Ski-Doo Snowmobiles 2023

Ski-DooModel 1Model 2Model 3
Sports UtilitySkandicTundra
Deep SnowSummitSummit NeoFreeRide
Cross Over BackcountryExpedition
TrailRenegadeMXZ NeoGrand Touring

Is Polaris the Best Snowmobile Brand?

Many people associate Polaris with passion and adventure, and that’s why it sits in the second spot of the best snowmobile brands. No wonder why – the quality of their vehicles is on top. They are extremely reliable and can accommodate anyone’s demands and this snowmobile brand holds one-third of the market share in the snowmobile industry, which isn’t bad.

The oldest brand in the top four best snowmobile brands was founded by Edgar Hetteen and his brother and another partner in 1954. The first real Polaris model came out in 1956 and was designed to help hunters access difficult-to-reach locations. They quickly became popular with outdoors people and other people living in rural areas with lots of snow.

Polaris Khaos Snowmobile Brand

Top Snowmobile Model of Polaris

This was the first snowmobile to be created with big mountains and deep powder in mind. This was incredibly popular with seasoned riders who wanted advanced capabilities in these conditions. Today, the brand offers many different models but the RMK lineup is still one of their top offerings, and the RMK Khaos is a top performer when it comes to versatility and all-mountain capabilities.

Making of Polaris Snowmobiles

The American manufacturer offers around 40 different models each year in four categories: Mountain, Crossover, Trail Performance, and REC/Utility. The engines are made in Osceola Wisconsin USA and the Polaris snowmobiles are assembled in Roseau Minnesota. Aside from sleds, many off-road Polaris vehicles are manufactured and assembled here as well.

Polaris Snowmobiles 2023

PolarisModel 1Model 2Model 3
MountainPro RMK SlashPro RMKPro Khaos Slash
RecreationVoyageur 146550 Voyageur
Cross OverSwitchback AssaultSwitchback XCSwitchback SP
TrailIndy VR1Indy AdventureIndy XCR

Arctic Cat Best Snowmobile Brand or Not?

Arctic Cat an another best snowmobile brand which is a great reputable American brand of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. Although Arctic Cat has a much smaller market share compared to its competitors (around 15%), it’s still considered the best snowmobile brand.

Arctic Cat is located in Minnesota and was first introduced by a former Polaris employee Edgar Hetteen in 1960. Arctic Cat took a decade before they released the first Arctic Cat snowmobile and that was the Boss Cat model that came out in 1970. Now their customers value the reliability that the Arctic Cats products provide, which makes them stand out among the best snowmobile brands.

Arctic Cat-Thundercat

Best Snowmobile of Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat began to get more popularity in the early 2000s when they released the M-series lineup of sleds. Today, Arctic Cat has several dozen different models in its lineup, offering a wide selection for riders of many styles. The Thundercat is a popular model known for its aggressive looks and high-end performance features.

Does Arctic Cat Use Yamaha Engines?

Yes, they do. Arctic Cat used Suzuki engines in their 4-stroke sleds before 2009 but then chose to change them as the engines seemed a little outdated. The brand was unwilling to build a 4-stroke engine from scratch, so they eventually began to work together with Yamaha and started using their power sources instead.

However, the Arctic Cat 2-stroke sleds have engines that the company itself developed.

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles 2023

Arctic CatModel 1Model 2Model 3
MountainM Hardcore AlphaM Mountain AlphaBlast M
UtilityZRZR R-XCZR Thundercat
Cross Over RIOTRIOT XBlast XR
TrailNorseman XBlast ZRBlast LT

Yamaha Best Snowmobile Brand

Yamaha is the last snowmobile brand on the list of the big four best snowmobile brands and Yamaha was among the first companies who entered the snowmobile business. Although Yamaha is one of the best snowmobile brands and surprisingly it has a small market share of around 5%.

In 1955, the company opened another branch under the name of Yamaha Motor Co. and began producing motorcycles. Today, Yamaha is a major brand that makes Mountain, Trail, Youth, Utility, Crossover, and 2-Up Touring snowmobiles and parts, accessories, and Yamaha snowmobile tracks.


Top Snowmobile Model of Yamaha

Unfortunately, the brand stopped making the Phazer in 2018, but I highly recommend it if you can still get your hands on one. They are fantastic machines and super-reliable but now the Sidewinder is a very popular trail model that can reach impressive high speeds and comes in multiple trims. 

Where are Yamaha snowmobiles built?

Yamaha snowmobiles are built in Japan. The company has a very remarkable quality control system to ensure its high quality. Each sled is personally tested when it leaves the assembly line and Yamaha still makes 2-stroke snowmobiles.

Two examples:

  1. SXVenom Mountain, which comes with a 397cc power source.
  2. Yamaha Mountain Max 165, powered with a 2-stroke, 794cc engine

Yamaha Snowmobiles 2023

YamahaModel 1Model 2Model 3
MountainMountain Max LE 165Mountain Max LE 154Mountain Max LE 154 SL
UtilitySidewinder S-TXTransporter 800Transporter Lite 2-Up
Cross Over Sidewinder X-TX LESidewinder X-TX SEBlast XR
TrailSidewinder SRX LE EPSSidewinder L-TX LE EPSSidewinder L-TX GT EPS


You can’t go wrong with any of these snowmobile brands because they have a strong reputation for reliability and performance. A snowmobile is quite a serious and expensive purchase, so do become familiar with the snowmobile brands and the market first.

If a snowmobile seems to be too cheap, don’t take the risk of buying it. A decent snowmobile will not cost less than $4,000.


Made in China or USA :

Many Polaris ATVs are assembled in the United States but use parts made in China.

Choosing a Snowmobile :

When choosing a snowmobile, there are components to consider besides the engine size. You also need to consider, the length of the track and lug depth, ski size, ski stance, and shocks.

Powerful 2-Storke :

The most powerful 2-stroke turbo engine ever to come out of the factory, the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R delivers a jaw-dropping 180 HP.

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