Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Snowmobile

Kitty Cat Snowmobile, Surprising Legacy

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat snowmobile was a children’s machine designed by Arctic Cat. These sleds were smaller in size and offered a wonderful path for little riders to learn how to ride on trails. They were delightful and securer to ride, making them popular with parents and Kids alike.

The idea for the Kitty Cat Snowmobile came from Edgar Hetteen, the founder of Arctic Cat. He wanted to create a snowmobile that children could ride and enjoy. Let’s jump in to explore the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat snowmobile in depth. So you can understand more about these sleds and why you might want to find one. 

Who Made Kitty Cat Snowmobiles?

Kitty Cat snowmobiles were made by one of the most famous snowmobile brands ever – Arctic Cat. Arctic Cat wanted to offer the machine, particularly for smaller riders. This invention of the Arctic Cat helped kids to start snowmobiling and develop a love for this winter sport.

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Snowmobile quickly became a popular choice for families. Now everyone wanted to introduce their children to the fun of snowmobiling. This was one of the first children’s snowmobiles and it’s probably the most successful of all time.

First Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Snowmobile Made?

The second annual USSA World Series of Snowmobiling was held in March 1971, in Boonville, New York. But race sleds weren’t the only snow machines in the public eye that weekend, as the pint-sized Arctic Cat Kitty Cat was unveiled to the public.

There were only about 50 Kitty Cats made in 1971, and they all came with a 2-cylinder Clinton engine. The price was initially announced as “about $250.” No one knows that this unique machine would become a snowmobile icon for decades to come.

Models of Kitty Arctic Cat Snowmobile

Over the years, Arctic Cat produced several different models of the Kitty Cat Snowmobile, with updates and changes to the design and features. Here are some of the most notable models.

1972-1973 Kitty Cat

1971-1973 Kitty Cat
Engine Type60cc Kohler engine
Steering columnFixed
Weight150 pounds

Although the Kitty Cat was a small and low-powered snowmobile, safety was still a top priority. The Kitty Cat had a simple kill switch that would shut off the engine in case of an emergency, and it had a wide track for stability on the snow.

1974-1979 Kitty Cat

1974-1979 Kitty Cat
Engine Type71cc Suzuki engine
Steering columnAdjustable
Weight160 pounds

The weight was slightly more than before. The additional weight was due to some changes to the Kitty Cat which includes a larger fuel tank and an adjustable steering column.

1980-1999 Kitty Cat

1980-1999 Kitty Cat
Engine Type60cc or 90cc engine option
DesignModern look
Weight125-150 pounds

Due to a new chassis design and other updates that made the Kitty Cat even more lightweight and maneuverable. Despite its low weight, the Kitty Cat was still a well-built and durable snowmobile.

1999-2006 Kitty Cat

1999-2006 Kitty Cat
Engine Type60cc or 120cc engine option
DesignMore modern
Weight95-100 pounds

This was the final version of the Kitty Cat Snowmobile. It had a lightweight aluminum frame, a new suspension system, and an improved brake system. This kitty Cat remains a popular choice among young riders and collectors today.

Why Arctic Cat Stopped Making Kitty Snowmobiles?

Arctic Cat continued to produce the Kitty Cat Snowmobile for many years, updating the design and features as technology and safety standards evolved. Although the Kitty Cat is no longer in production, it remains a beloved part of the Arctic Cat’s history and is remembered fondly by many who grew up riding them.

The last Arctic Kitty Cat snowmobiles were made in the year 2000. After this, Arctic Cat started making a larger youth or mid-sized sled called the Z120. This style of sled became more popular than the smaller Kitty Cat and it gave a boom to their sales.

Kitty Cat Snowmobile Parts: Where to Look

Arctic Cat has such a long run of production years. There are still quite a few Kitty Cat snowmobiles available for sale on different platforms. If you know where to look, there’s a good chance you can get your hands on one.

If you want to search for Arctic kitty Snowmobiles you should look on social media. There is a Facebook Group dedicated to kitty cat snowmobile sale purchases. You can also look at other resale sites.

Snowmobile Trader is another option to search around on. This is basically a snowmobile classifieds site, and there are all sorts of different machines up for sale here. Just search for the Kitty Cat and see what results you get. 

You can ask around with other riders or look through local classifieds. You can also search in the junkyards to see if you can get your hands on an old one and fix it. 

Kitty Cat Snowmobile Parts: Where to Look

You can use a few different sources to find Arctic Cat Kitty Cat parts. Since there are still a lot of these machines around, it’s easier to find snowmobile parts than it is with some less popular vintage snowmobiles. 

Just type the model year and name of the part of your Kitty Cat Snowmobile that you need on different product-selling platforms. You can also check out this parts resource and forum from the Kitty Cat Snowmobiles site

If you can’t find them online, you can search around at an Arctic Cat Snowmobile dealership or snowmobile repair shop in your area. A junkyard or small engine repair shop also might have the parts you are looking for, but you’ll need to search or ask around. 

How to Determine Kitty Cat Snowmobile Value?

There’s no single way to determine the value of a Kitty Cat. Determining the value of a Kitty Cat Snowmobile can be challenging, as it depends on several factors such as the condition of the snowmobile, its age, and its rarity.

When Kitty Cat Snowmobile first came out in 1971, they cost around $250, and in 2000 they were about $1,300. So that’s a price range of what they cost brand new. If you have one in excellent shape, you might be able to ask above those new prices because of vintage demand.


There are different types of sleds but kitty cat snowmobiles still have their own value and demand. The Kitty Cat Snowmobile proved to be the most popular and longest-lasting of the more than half-dozen snowmobiles built specifically for kids over the years, and it paved the way for the later 120-class sleds from Arctic Cat and others. So if you are a vintage snowmobile lover you should buy one because they have their own legacy.


Age :

That Kitty Cat blizzard began back in 1972. That year, Arctic Cat let that new little kitty out of the bag. It was designed for kids in the 5- to 10-year-old age group

Smallest Sled :

This is one of the mainly sought-after models as it’s famous for being the world’s smallest snowmobile Ski-Doo Mini Z is the one.

Best age to go :

Children under the age of 6 should never ride as passengers on a snowmobile. Head injuries are more common in passengers than in drivers. It takes strength and stamina to be a passenger on a snowmobile.

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