Snowmobile Handlebar Guide

Learn Snowmobile Handlebar Controls Quickly

The handlebar of a snowmobile is very crucial in order to ride smoother and safer. Learn about the vital snowmobile controls on the snowmobile handlebar and safely operate your snowmobile. A lot of snowmobile riders push their friends to join this fun activity. There are many new beginners who are looking for a better guide to join this sport.

There are many critical points to understanding snowmobile handlebar controls, which will help you comprehend controls easily. So make sure you have a piece of reasonable knowledge about snowmobile handlebar controls to operate a snowmobile with ease.

Snowmobile Handlebar Controls

Snowmobile Throttle

The throttle of a snowmobile is the key part of a snowmobile handlebar controls. The movement of your sled depends on the throttle of your snowmobile. The throttle of a snowmobile is located on the right side of the handlebar. You can start your snowmobile and squeeze the throttle with your thumb to start moving the snowmobile forward. if you Squeeze the throttle harder, the snowmobile goes faster. When you fully discharge the throttle, the snowmobile will coast to a complete stop. 

If you are a beginner in snowmobiling you will take some time to adjust to the throttle. Over-squeezing a throttle can lead up to a very fast speed. Which will be difficult to control for a new bee.

Brake of a Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are comes with hydraulic disc brakes and an emergency parking brake. You gradually stop a sled by using the brake lever found on the left side of the handlebar. It is very much similar to using a hand brake on a bicycle.

Whenever you squeeze the brake levers it applies pressure that slows down the snowmobile. if you’re operating on ice or slick trail conditions. Always apply only enough pressure on the brake lever to stop safely according to your riding conditions. 

Handlebar Grips of a Snowmobile

Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

The Handlebar grip of a snowmobile is located on both sides of the handlebar. They are designed to absorb vibration while riding a snowmobile. They also provide friction to help keep your hands on the handlebars when riding and steering. 

Parking Brake Lock

The parking brake lock of a snowmobile is located at the end of the brake lever, near where it attaches to the handlebar. In order to park your snowmobile you have to Pull the brake lever fully toward the handlebar grip and push in the clip to set the parking brake lever.

Do not apply the throttle when the brake is set because the snowmobile cannot be moved once the parking brake is engaged. To release the parking brake, squeeze the brake lever to release pressure and then move the brake lock to its disengaged position. 

Engine Stop Switch

Snowmobiling can be dangerous if you are not properly skilled to operate. Every snowmobile comes with an emergency stop switch which is located on top of the handlebar to the left of the throttle. It allows the operator to quickly stop the engine by pushing the switch button down.

The engine cannot be started if this switch is left in the “down” position, so make sure the switch is in the “up” position before trying to start the snowmobile. 


Snowmobile handlebar controls are the key controls of a snowmobile. Whenever any new bee comes to join this fun sport he has to learn the handlebar controls. So, these are some basic snowmobile Handlebar controls that every snowmobiler should be familiar with.


Skidoo Handlebar adjustment :

Simply loosen the four bolts and the center of the handlebars to roll the bars for millimeters of adjustment to find that perfect ride.

Sag Recommendation :

We recommend starting around 30 percent. This is a great all-around setting for trail riding and still allows most riders to have bottom-out support.

The best position for riding uphill :

The kneeling position is the best position for uphill riding. Your chest should be positioned over the handlebars somewhat.

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