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Top 6 Best Snowmobile Handguards 2024

Do you want your hands to be protected from tree branches at high speeds or in extreme cold? Snowmobile handguards are very vital in riding your snowmobile because it protects you from many hurdles that you face during your sled ride.

There isn’t a massive difference between the best snowmobile handguards you’ll find here. But there is a big difference between cheap options that will break and high-quality options built to last. 

You have to consider multiple factors whenever you want to buy handguards for your snowmobile are following.

Buying Factors for Snowmobile Handguards

  • Installation
  • Soft & Hard Guards
  • Size & Space


Handguards of a snowmobile are pretty easy to install, in case you are aware of your sled and you need a few standard tools to install your handguards. Mounting hardware is usually used for installation.

When you buy handguards for your snowmobile there is a possibility that the manufacturer provides you with the basic tools or mounting kit. You might need to purchase a mounting kit separately if they don’t provide you. Make sure that everything you need to attach the snowmobile handguards comes with the option you’ve chosen.

Soft & Hard Guards

Snowmobile riders normally add this option to protect themselves from tree branches, cold wind, and snow. The handguards of a snowmobile are made of impact-resistant, strong, and hard plastic which will protect sled riders from ice chunks and anything else which will be harmful to them. You can use both soft and hard guards if you get options that are compatible with one another or come as a kit. 

Size & Space

The most important point is the size of the snowmobile handguards and the space it allows between the guard and the handlebar. Larger options provide more protection but increase wind resistance. The space between the handlebar and the snowmobile handguards is vital because you always want your gloved hand to fit easily between the two to keep control.

Best Snowmobile Handguards to Get in 2023

Handguards of a snowmobile provide you extra protection on trails while you ride at a high speed. They will protect you from each and every obstacle which will come your way and you will feel safe with these guards.

1. PowerMadd Fuzion Snowmobile Handguards

powermadd snowmobile Handguards

PowerMadd Fuzion comes with a crushproof construction which is the most satisfying point of the particular snowmobile handguard because it breaks very rarely in crashing situations and protects your hand at any cost. These are the flexible snowmobile handguards and the material used in Madd snowmobile handguards is extremely durable. It will bend smoothly in case of a crash and protect your hand carefully. The making of Fuzion snowmobile handguards contains molded closed-cell AEPE foam.

Key features

  • Flexible construction
  • Two-position mount
  • Extended coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Crushproof

Since they have a unique design that can be useful for better hand coverage. The Fuzion snowmobile handguards are also relatively affordable and easy to install. This will allow you to set up everything quickly so you can spend more time on trails while riding rather than playing with tools in your garage.

Compatible with most sledsBit Expensive
Unique construction
Best for Overall
Easy to install

2. PowerMadd Gauntlet Snowmobile Handguards

Gauntlet Handguards for snowmobiles

If you are looking for the most comfortable and soft handguard of a snowmobile this will be the perfect option for you to pick. Gauntlet keeps your hand warm and makes your ride comfortable. These handguards are very similar to the gloves which can easily fit on the handlebars of a snowmobile. It comes with tough waterproof nylon construction and protects your hand from the water and provides extra efficiency in snowmobile control.

Key features

  • Waterproof Nylon construction
  • Best for added warmth
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Softshell

Another awesome benefit of a gauntlet snowmobile handguard is that you won’t need to wear as thick of gloves in warmer conditions, which adds another level of comfort some riders might enjoy. For a soft-shell option catering to comfort and warmth, these are the best option around. 

Keeps snow and wind awayNo hardware kit
Adds water/weatherproofingLimited Compatibility
No need for the kit to install
Best for Overall

3. Air Deflectors Ski-Doo Handguards

Handguards for Ski-doo snowmobile

Wanna buy full-kit handguards? Here we have the best option in full kit snowmobile handguards for you. Ski-doo gives you multiple options and tools to operate with which includes the mounting kit and required hardware stuff to fix your snowmobile handguards issues and it will save you time as well as money. Another unique feature you’ll get with these guards is a pop-off plate that will provide you with more airflow around the hands.

Key features

  • Comes with a mounting kit
  • Large aerodynamic design
  • Resistant polypropylene
  • Easy to install
  • Pop off plate

The feature that most racers would like is pop-off plates and these are the Snowmobile Handguards which have clips for Mirrors. It will help you to boost your speed in milliseconds. You can also connect clip-on mirrors but you have to buy them separately. There is only one drawback in this snowmobile handguard is that it can be only used with ski-doo machines. Otherwise, they have all the ingredients to be the best snowmobile handguards.

Includes all mounting brackets and hardwareDesigned for Ski-Doo machines
Best for full kit optionNot compatible with all machines
Connect clip-on mirrors

4. PowerMadd Star Series Snowmobile Handguards

Power Madd handguards

Looking for reasonable and effective snowmobile handguards? The power-mad star series is an excellent option to pick. This will give you a lot of color options and It’s also a versatile option because of its nearly universal compatibility that will fit just about any type of sled you have. They will also work on dirt bikes and ATVs as well if you have other machines you ride in the summer months. 

Key features

  • Finest Plastic Construction
  • Works with dirt bikes and ATVs
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Extensions available
  • Customization available

The construction of this snowmobile handguard is very unique because it has two types of plastic, one is a strong one that will protect you from the initial impact and the other one is a softer side that will bend according to the pressure and absorb it smoothly. The only real negative of the Star Series is that they have a pretty small profile. You won’t get extended coverage or protection.

Multiple color optionsSmall profile
AffordableNo kit

5. RSI Racing H5000 Stonewall Handguards

RSI Racing Snowmobile Handguards

This is the second full kit option available on our list. This handguard is very unique and perfect in order to resist strong impacts and this is made possible because of a high-dense foam construction which is very durable. They won’t crush or warp, even if you flip your sled or use them for years, and goes well with bigger Snowmobile Gloves. That lasting durability gives you reliable performance and added value.

Key features

  • HighDense Foam Construction
  • Good weather protection
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Impact-resistant
  • Flexible

They also have expanded coverage to provide increased protection from obstacles and the weather. Universal compatibility means that these snowmobile handguards will work on any sled you ride as well. I’d suggest installing in the garage rather than in the cold as well because these can be a little difficult to install, but just follow the instructions, and you shouldn’t have much issue.

The mounting bracket includedDifficult to install
Best for full kit option

6. Polaris Snowmobile Handguards

Polaris Handguards

The Polaris Snowmobile Handguards are very well constructed. The fitting and the finish are perfect because they have stylish designs which will help you to install them easily and will give you proper protection on different trails and situations. They are made of pure and durable plastic.

Key features

  • Keep the wind off your knuckles
  • Offer great protection
  • Works with ATVs
  • Impact-resistant
  • Complete kit

These handguards check all the boxes to have them in your snowmobile accessories because they will provide a better facility in any condition or with strong impacts. The one thing that I dislike about these particular snowmobile handguards is that they don’t work with bigger winter gloves.

Quick and easy installBigger winter gloves might be an issue
Offer great Control


The Snowmobile Handguards which we listed above are perfectly fine in any demanding situation. If you want to buy the best of the best you can choose from them they will never disappoint you. If you are taking my opinion then the PowerMadd Fuzion is the best option because they are the most durable, strong, easy to install, and will work on all sleds.


Benefits :

Great for keeping your hands warm. They are flexible so you can shove them under your cover or roll the sled over without breaking them. 

Lifespan :

The lifespan of snowmobile handguards depends on their quality and your use. If they have a strong and flexible construction then they will last long.

Top Speed :

Some of the higher-speed snowmobiles can reach up to 150 mph, and there are also racing snowmobiles that can get up to 200 mph.

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