4-Stroke Snowmobile
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4-Stroke Snowmobile

A 4-stroke snowmobile is a type of snowmobile that uses a 4-stroke internal combustion engine, which is different from the other engine commonly found in traditional snowmobiles. Since their intro at the turn of the 2000s, 4-stroke snowmobiles have made a memorable impression on the market and continue to build magnetic loyalty from owners.

Many of the loyal owners are on their fourth or fifth copy of their snowmobile. They aimed at riders who want comfort on the trail along with the ability to wick it up. Yes, 4-stroke snowmobiles are here to stay. Riders would swear their 4-stroke snowmobiles are so far above and beyond the 2-stroke snowmobile that they’ve owned, they’d never go back to an older sled ever!

4-stroke snowmobiles are known for their smooth and quiet operation, as well as their fuel efficiency and lower emissions.


The 4-stroke engine has more parts, which can cause more weight overall for the sled. All the 4 stroke sleds are more difficult to understand and require more complex engineering, so they have only become more available in recent years. 4-stroke engines can reuse the oil, so you don’t burn oil as much during regular operation.


Engine of a 4-Stroke Snowmobile

It has four cycles: intake, compression, power, and exhaust. When the intake cycle occurs, fuel and air are drawn into the engine. During the compression cycle, the fuel and air are compressed and ignited by a spark plug. Moving into the power cycle, the combustion of the fuel and air generates power that is used to drive the snowmobile. During the exhaust cycle, the remaining gases are expelled from the engine.

Cost of a 4-Stroke Snowmobile

The 4-stroke engine will last a lot longer in total operating life, so upfront cost should be compared against lifetime use. 4-stroke snowmobiles contain more moving parts. It means that there is more need for potential maintenance. But again, these engines will last longer, so they can be a better option in long run.

4-stroke snowmobiles are generally expensive. The price of a 4-Stroke Snowmobile may vary on the features of that particular sled that you are going to buy.


The engines of a 4-stroke snowmobile have a near-complete burst, which results in more infrequent emissions and better performance for the environment. These engines are more modern and can therefore be more fuel-efficient as well.

Emission Table

As we all know it is important to protect our environment as well. So we have to take better steps in the coming days and make healthy decisions on our upcoming purchases. This will help us to enjoy more in better environmental conditions.

Advantages of a 4-Stroke Snowmobile

  • Fuel efficient
  • Cost Savings
  • Lower Emissions
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Smooth and Quiet Ride
  • Pleasant and Comfortable Ride
  • More Efficient than a 2 stroke
  • Generates Less Noise and Vibration

Disadvantages of a 4-Stroke Snowmobile

  • Heavier than 2-stroke
  • Less Agile
  • Difficult to Maneuver
  • More Moving Parts


4-stroke snowmobiles are a great choice for those who want a smooth, quiet, fuel-efficient, and environmentally-friendly ride. With the advancements in technology, 4-stroke snowmobiles are becoming more popular among consumers.


Best Pick :

4-stroke engines can be better for long-distance trail riding because of the liquid-cooled engines and better gas mileage.

Polaris 4-Stroke :

First, the big news this year from Polaris is the return of a 4-stroke engine in snowmobiles. The ProStar S4 is now available to consumers. A big 1000cc twin-cylinder mill that develops about 100hp.

Fastest 4-Stroke :

2022 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX Lethe Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE is ready to defend its title as the world’s fastest-production snowmobile.

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