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Amazing Tips for Snowmobile Trailering

Are you worried about snowmobile trailering? Be sure you have all the proper equipment to attach the Snowmobile Trailer to your vehicle. Snowmobile trailering includes safety chains and the proper size hitch ball. The proper electrical connections ensure you have lights that are in working condition. Always check the weight limit of your Snowmobile trailer. Never forget to check the amount of required tire pressure, and your vehicle’s towing capacity before you start. 

BEFORE loading the snowmobile, always double-check to ensure that the Snowmobile trailer is properly secured to your vehicle’s hitch. This will prevent the trailer from popping off the hitch when the snowmobile is driven onto the trailer bed. Snowmobile trailering is an art, So make sure you have a proper understanding of trailering a snowmobile.

Snowmobile Trailers

When it comes to snowmobile trailering there are two types of snowmobile trailers that snowmobilers normally use. 

  • Tilt bed trailers. 
  • Flatbed trailers. 

Snowmobile Trailering on Tilt bed Trailer

Snowmobile Trailering is a task in which you might hurt your snowmobile. To load the snowmobile onto the tilt bed trailer, drive the machine at a slow speed about halfway up the tilted bed. Then have the assistant pull forward on the front of the skis while also pushing down on the trailer bed.

Tilt bed snowmobile trailering

If the trailer is equipped with a winch, fasten it to the snowmobile and use it to winch the snowmobile forward. If the trailer does not have a winch, you may need to get off your snowmobile and help your assistant pull the snowmobile toward the front of the trailer. Now you can understand that snowmobile trailering is a difficult task.

How to Load 2 Snowmobiles on a Tilt bed Trailer?

Snowmobile trailering becomes more challenging If there is a second snowmobile to load onto the tilt-bed trailer. You have to remove the tilt pin and tilt the trailer bed back down, repeat the loading process and then re-secure the tilt pin. Always use extreme caution when loading onto a tilt-bed trailer.

Many accidents have occurred in snowmobile trailering due to driving too fast onto the trailer bed. This can cause the snowmobile to go up and over the trailer and into the back of the tow vehicle. So, after loading and securing the snowmobile, make sure the trailer bed is tightly latched. Check your load often to ensure the snowmobiles remain securely fastened on the trailer. 

How to Unload a Snowmobile from a Tilt bed Trailer?

When unloading a tilt-bed trailer, remove the tie-downs, release the snowmobile’s brake, and ease the machine backward off the trailer. Your safety is important so use care to not strain your back while pulling the machine backward until it is off the trailer bed. 

Snowmobile Trailering on Flatbed Trailer

When loading a snowmobile on a flatbed trailer, remove the self-storing ramp and place it securely in the groove or channel on the side for which you will load the snowmobile. If the trailer has to fold down ramps, remove the security pin and fold the ramp down so it is in place for loading.

Flat bed snowmobile trailering

Before snowmobile Trailering double-check the ramp to be sure it is secure, and drive the snowmobile at a moderate speed up the ramp, letting off the throttle as the skis reach the trailer bed at the top of the ramp. Slowly drive the snowmobile forward until it is over the location where it will be secured and set the brake. 

In the process of snowmobile trailering riders forget to secure the rear of their sled. Always secure the rear with a ratchet-type tie-down strap. Move the self-storing ramp to the other side of the trailer and repeat the loading process if there is more than one snowmobile. When you have finished loading the snowmobiles, replace the self-storing or fold-up ramps and secure them with safety pins. 

How to Unload a Snowmobile from a Flatbed Trailer?

When unloading a snowmobile from a flatbed trailer, be certain the tow vehicle is turned at an angle away from the ramp to allow room for the ramp and snowmobile to exit safely. Place the self-storing ramp at the front of the trailer, or fold down the folding ramp. Remove the tie-downs, release the snowmobile’s brake, and drive the machine slowly off the trailer and down the ramp. 


Sonwomobile trailering is much different than Towing a Snowmobile. In this process, you have to attach the sled trailers to your vehicles. Always check the towing capacity of your vehicle and make sure you have proper equipment before towing any trailer. Snowmobile trailering offers multiple challenges so you have to be ready for those as well.


Best Way:

An enclosed trailer is the easiest method to transport a snowmobile. You can also use your trailer to transport other machines like lawnmowers or all-terrain vehicles

Key preparations:

Prepare your sled trailer by checking and greasing the wheel hubs and inspecting tires for wear, cracks, and air pressure. Make sure the lights work properly and that the cup-hitch assembly, chains, and clips are in good shape.

Buying Tip:

Since most snowmobiles won’t fit in a standard 6-foot truck bed. It’s safest to buy a snowmobile trailer designed to handle the weight and length of hauling one or more sleds.

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