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Top 9 Best Snowmobile Jackets to Get in 2024

Are you finding the Best Snowmobile Jackets to start your season with a bang? Look no further because we’ve gathered a list of the best snowmobile jackets for you to pick from. If you want to stay warm while riding in different snowy terrains then you should put a jacket on your body that lasts long and protect you from snow winds.

If you want to ride your snowmobile in the coldest weather for hours it’s always worthwhile to keep your chest covered with a High-quality snowmobile Gears. A good snowmobile jacket helps keep wind and snow from sneaking into the sensitive parts of your body.

You should cover the front part of the body on peak riding days to keep yourself safe and healthy. I know what to look for in the best option for snowmobile jackets that’s why I’m here to help you guys to pick the best of the best jackets for snowmobiling.

Best Snowmobile Jackets: What to Look for

You should keep in mind some important factors when looking for the best snowmobile jackets to meet your needs. All the considerations below will point you in the right direction.

Waterproofing/Windproofing: I think the most vital feature of a snowmobile jacket is its ability to stop wind and water from getting inside. If you ignore these two things while picking the winter jacket for your snowmobile riding then you are going to get cold and uncomfortable on your rides.

Material: The outer shell material of a jacket is where most of its cold-weather fighting properties come from. Look for GORE-TEXDWR treatments, or other materials that are known to be highly waterproof. 

Insulation: Snowmobile jacket insulation is crucial for warmth, but the amount depends on your preference and riding conditions. I prefer 150-180g for versatility in moderate cold. Some opt for no insulation, while heavier insulation suits extreme cold. If you are using a shell, layer well.

Additional Features: Desirable snowmobile jacket features vary. I always look for ventilation vents and ample pockets because it helps me to carry some additional things. Reflections are very important elements to enhance the safety of night riders and the loops for Gloves, drawcords aid weatherproofing.

And the most important thing to remember is it fits because sometimes in a hurry we pick a jacket that looks perfect in the mirror but not on trails.

Top Choices of Best Snowmobile Jackets

Your jacket is vital for your protection and if you find a stylish top that looks good on you I don’t think you would mind it. So I’ve included a handful of the best snowmobile jackets around for you to explore. Let’s zip up and get ready to dive in.

1. KLIM Klimate Winter Snowmobile Jacket

KLIM Klimate Winter Snowmobile Jacket

This snowmobile jacket sits on the top of the list of best snowmobile jackets. Earning high praise for its style, fit, and performance. With the trusted Klim brand, making the right choice for your trail adventures is effortless. It comes in four adaptable colors, allowing you to prioritize safety or opt for a timeless, understated shade that seamlessly matches your other equipment.

Key Features

  • Gore-Tex shell
  • 300g 3M Thinsulate
  • Waterproof
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective panel

Like other snowmobile jackets, this jacket also features essential ventilation zippers, a must in my opinion. Additionally, the front boasts a sturdy two-way YKK zipper closure accompanied by a wind/rain flap. Interior-wise, there’s a powder skirt designed to keep wind and snow at bay. Moreover, adjustable cuffs and a tall collar enhance its resilience against harsh weather conditions.

Best for long daysBit expensive
Well built & warm
Sharp looks
Well worth the money

2. RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Insulated Jacket

RefrigiWear Insulated Jacket

Seeking ultimate protection in snowmobile jackets? Your search ends here. This manufacturer tackled freezing temperatures head-on, resulting in an incredibly warm jacket. Beyond warmth, it employs a shell, insulation, lining, and a zip system for optimal insulation. Note that it’s water-resistant, not waterproof, but its advantages lie in comfort, flexibility, and an excellent fit.

Key Feature

  • Synthetic softshell
  • 600g Insulation
  • Water-resistant
  • Rated to -60F

With cold-weather perks like a powder skirt, reflective heat lining, and a dual zipper system, this jacket excels. However, a major downside emerges when temperatures aren’t extremely low—no vents. Rated at “600g” insulation without vent zippers, overheating and sweating could become issues as temperatures climb.

Long lastingNon Waterproof
Softshell jacket
Ridiculously warm

3. Castle X Platform Jacket

Castle X Platform Jacket

Simple, timeless, and efficient—this snowmobile jacket falls into these categories. It’s budget-friendly and functional, though not flashy. Available on Amazon from Small to 3XL, consider sizing up for layering. Insulation includes 100g in the shell and a removable 100g liner. Notably, the quilted insulation is 200g for the body and 150g for the sleeves.

Key Features

  • Polyester/Nylon Shell
  • 200g Thinsulate
  • Waterproof
  • Internal lycra hand gaiters

Combining waterproofness and breathability, this is one of the best snowmobile jackets that employs Ven-Tex 1.0—a material prevalent in snowmobile attire. Embracing vent zippers, it stands as our clear choice for the top, straightforward, budget-friendly, and efficient snowmobiling jacket on the market.

Perfectly comfortableLittle bit bulky
Twice the money
Best budget pick

4. KLIM Alpine Parka Jacket ( Best for Women )

KLIM Alpine Parka Jacket

The top choice for female riders, the Klim Alpine Parka stands out. Its impressive design and features cater to women. With an extended length for added cold weather protection, customizable waist, and collar adjustments enhance comfort. Crafted from a 2-layer GORE-TEX shell, it offers lasting waterproofing and wind protection, bolstered by a durable nylon liner and sturdy YKK zippers.

Key Features

  • 2-layer GORE-TEX shell
  • Removable powder skirt
  • Seat-dry tech
  • Waterproof

Featuring two mesh-backed pit vents for adjustable breathability, All snowmobile jackets aren’t that sufficient but this jacket maintains airflow in warmer conditions, easily zipping up for added warmth. Alongside a removable powder skirt, hand gaiters, ample pockets, and MP3 storage, it’s a versatile choice. Not insulated, layering is essential for extreme weather, and it comes at a relatively higher cost.

Excellent weatherproofingBit expensive
Fleece-lined collar
Velcro cuffs

5. 509 R-200 Insulated Snowmobile Jacket

509 R-200 Insulated Snowmobile Jacket

If you’re all about pushing limits, the 509 R-200 Insulated Crossover Jacket is your ultimate pick for high-speed, full-throttle escapades. The 509 R-200 Insulated Crossover Jacket empowers you to embrace the spectrum of snowmobiling experiences with unmatched comfort & functionality. With a weatherproof 5TECH shell and a removable 200G insulated liner, the R-200 ensures both dryness and comfort no matter the speed.

Key Features

  • 200G Thinsulate insulated liner
  • 5TECH Stretch material
  • 600D forearm panels
  • 5TECH Shell

The adaptability offered by the removable liner is truly remarkable, granting you the freedom to effortlessly shift between your high-octane trail pursuits and the exhilarating realm of aggressive deep powder off-trail journeys.

High abrasion resistancePockets might ripped
Contrasting reflective
10k performance

6. Polaris TECH54 Switchback Jacket

Polaris TECH54 Switchback Jacket

Polaris, a venerable name in snowmobiling, brings you unmatched experience. If you seek a jacket to match your Polaris sled, look no further. Crafted from 600 denier polyester, it’s fully seam-sealed with a breathable Gore-Tex membrane liner. Essential vent zips are included, alongside a contemporary fit featuring articulated elbows for agility and comfort.

Key Features

  • TECH54 bonded laminate
  • Removable insulated liner
  • Gore-Tex shell
  • Waterproof

The pleasantly surprising aspect is its reasonable price. However, potential buyers should note that the insulation weight rating isn’t provided, even after checking Polaris’s website. Despite this, the jacket remains a top choice from a reputable brand, ideal for matching your sled. It offers various colors and sizes for a versatile selection.

Budget friendlyMake sure you select the right Size
Super warm
True to size

7. KLIM Powerxross Jacket ( Best for Snowcross )

KLIM Powerxross Jacket

The Klim Powerxross excels in snocross. Lightweight yet water-repellent, it ensures warmth during high-speed rides. With a GORE-TEX performance shell for full waterproofing and wind resistance, plus a moisture-wicking inner liner, sweat buildup is minimized. Its innovative overlay-free design enhances speed, while a 3M Scotchlite C790 reflective layer enhances safety and visibility.

Key Features

  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Gore-Tex performance
  • YKK zippers
  • Waterproof

This jacket is built to last, standing by you through race after race. YKK zippers and a dual-headed front zipper contribute to its durability, while a removable powder skirt enhances versatility. While the Powerxross comes with a higher price tag, it’s a valuable investment if you’re winning races or seeking the finest choice available.

Regular fitNothing to Say

8. FXR Boost FX Jacket

FXR Boost FX Jacket

Offering a plethora of colors and contemporary styles, this technical jacket stands out with comprehensive features. Even larger riders need not fret, as it’s accessible in sizes Small-3XL, accommodating diverse needs. With 11 color choices available, note that not all colors come in all sizes.

Key Features

  • 260g FXR thermal flex insulation
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective patch
  • HydrX nylon shell
  • Water-resistant

As anticipated in top-notch gear, this jacket boasts temperature control vents on the chest and sides. Adjust the wind skirt, collar, and wrists for optimal cold wind protection. The removable liner lets you customize the temperature rating. While it’s water-resistant, not waterproof, this usually isn’t problematic unless you’re in heavy rain while sledding.

Dry Vent systemNon waterproof
Zipper closure
Universal fit

9. Fly Racing Aurora Jacket ( Best for Racing )

Fly Racing Aurora Jacket

Ideal for snowmobile racers, the Fly Racing Aurora jacket offers both performance and style. Crafted from 50D polyester with Hydraguard treatment, it excels in weather protection. With 120G thermal insulation, it keeps you warm at high speeds. The fleece-lined collar and beard flap enhance comfort, while reflectivity adds safety and visibility. It’s available in various colors to match your sled or style.

Key Features

  • 50D Polyester with Hyrdaguard
  • 120G Thermal insulation
  • Fleece-lined color
  • Waterproof

The jacket boasts a standard fit that strikes a balance—neither too loose nor too tight. This is crucial for racing, as it prevents excess material from flapping while ensuring maneuverability. Although pocket space is limited, considering the racecourse context, minimal storage is typically needed.

 Multiple colorsLess pocket space
Regular fit

Best Alternative for Snowmobile Jackets

Snowmobile suits are considered the best alternative to snowmobile jackets. These suits offer more comprehensive coverage as they typically include both a jacket and pants in one piece. They provide better protection against the elements and are particularly popular among riders who seek maximum insulation and weather resistance.


There are many snowmobile Gears & Accessories available, but I think snowmobile jackets are one of the most essential things for any rider.

In my opinion, KLIM Klimate Winter & Castle X Platform are the best snowmobile jackets and you should always look for a snowmobile jacket that has exceptional waterproofing and windproof capabilities because this is all you are looking for.

Some other riders will appreciate snowmobile jackets with a little more warmth, and the different options you’ll find here will provide just that. All of the jackets you will find on this list I would consider the best option, and you really can’t go wrong. 


Washing Tips:

If you want to make sure that your snowmobile jacket stays for long you have to hand wash it. If the jacket gets smells or has a lot of mud on it, it might be time for a wash. I only wash my jacket once or twice every season.

Klim Worthiness:

Klim makes some very high-quality gear that is built precisely for snowmobiling. But it also is some of the most expensive around. If you can afford it, I would recommend it.

Best Choice:

The ideal winter outfit for riders is a snowmobile suit. In addition to keeping you warm, a snowmobile suit will keep you afloat if you fall into freezing water. Because it traps air, it acts like a flotation device.

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