Best Women's Snowmobile Helmets
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Best Women’s Snowmobile Helmets

When it comes to the best women’s snowmobile helmets, there are several brands that offer a range of helmets designed specifically for women’s needs. Snowmobiling offers challenges, particularly regarding gear that other motorized sports don’t.

There is a psychological fact about women that they always look for the best option and desire reliability, versatility, and affordability. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in identifying the top-rated snowmobile helmets and selecting the perfect one for yourself and your companions.

While there aren’t many differences between men and women’s snowmobile helmets, the noticeable differences are generally focused on the style and colors. At the end of the day, men and women have similarly shaped noggins, right?

Things to Consider before Choosing Best Helmet

We have compiled a list of factors to consider that will aid in your decision-making process and ensure you choose the best women’s snowmobile helmet for your needs.

  • Type: There are mainly three different kinds of snowmobile helmets. They are modular, open face and full-face. The best women’s snowmobile helmet is full face coverage as they provide maximum protection.
  • Weight: You have to wear the best snowmobile helmet at all times while riding. Therefore, it is important to consider the weight of the helmet so that you do not feel uneasy while wearing it.
  • Safety Ratings: The primary concern for any snowmobile helmet is that it needs to protect you from accidents and offer safety under all conditions. The safety ratings are a good way to determine the level of protection offered by Best Snowmobile Helmets.

Top 5 Best Women’s Snowmobile Helmets

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Best Women’s Snowmobile helmets that any women rider of a snowmobile can select according to her requirements. These snowmobile helmets are the best choice for snowmobilers to ride safely.

1. 509 Altitude 2.0 Best Open-Face Helmet

509 Altitude 2.0 Open-Face Helmet

The 509 Altitude 2.0 is an exceptional choice if you prefer an open-face style women’s snowmobile helmet. 509 is renowned for producing top-notch open-face snowmobile helmets, and the Altitude 2.0 takes comfort to new heights. This snocross-style helmet not only offers superior comfort but also meets safety standards with its DOT and ECE safety ratings. With the 509 Altitude 2.0, you can be confident that your safety requirements are met while enjoying the open-face design you prefer.

Key Features

  • Universal camera mount
  • Fidlock magnetic strap
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Open face style
  • Breath box

The 509 Altitude 2.0 snowmobile helmet offers a range of features that enhance both performance and value. This women’s snowmobile helmet comes in a variety of sizes (including youth sizes) and colors and was designed to fit 509 goggles perfectly. If you’re seeking the ultimate snowmobile helmet, the 509 Altitude 2.0 is undoubtedly the top choice.

Best for open faceNo Heat Shield
Good ventilationBit expensive
DOT approved

2. Castle X EXO-CX950 Best Electric Modular Helmet

Castle X EXO-CX950 Best Electric Modular Helmet

The EXO-CX950 is the best modular women’s snowmobile helmet with a heated shield. It sits on top because of its many features and is more versatile than almost every other option available on the market. For added versatility, the EXO-CX950 can also be used without a visor, making it an open-face snowmobile helmet when you want it to be. Modular-style are the best snowmobile helmets. It adds comfort and is a preference for many riders because it is the best open-face snowmobile helmet.

Key Features

  • Effective heating system
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Oversized eye-port
  • Speaker pockets
  • Breath box

I like the oversized eye port because it expands your field of view whether you ride with the heated dual-pane visor or keep it open face and wear goggles. Other features that offer performance and value are an aero-tuned ventilation system to keep you cool and an anti-microbial liner that is very comfy and easy to remove when it needs to be cleaned. If you want the best of the best, this is the snowmobile helmet for you.

5-year warrantyPretty expensive
Best for overallLittle heavy
DOT approved

3. GMAX GM-11S Best Full-Face Snow Helmet

GMAX GM-11S Best Snow Helmet

The GM-11 helmet, released as a special edition, supports the Pink Ribbon Riders, a non-profit organization that assists breast cancer patients. It includes a dual lens shield but can be transformed into an open-faced helmet for goggles. The helmet features a washable comfort liner, removable cheek pads, a chin curtain, and a cold-weather breath box.

Key Features

  • Electric dual lens shield
  • Dot Certified
  • Poly Alloy Material
  • Chin curtain
  • Breath box

With its redesigned mouth vent and extra intake and exhaust vents, it ensures ventilation for cooling when necessary. The visor facilitates maximum airflow during high speeds, making it an ideal choice for women’s snowmobile helmets.

LightweightBit expensive
Work for summer

4. Bell Qualifier Dual Shield Snowmobile Helmet

Bell Qualifier Snowmobile Helmet

Yes, Bell makes helmets for snowmobiling which can be used by women’s, too! For those die-hard Bell users, this comes as a relief as it makes your purchase decision easy given the long-standing history Bell has had in making helmets since the 50s. The Qualifier helmet is made of a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell material. I think this is one of the better options for women to pick.

Key Features

  • Ships with clear shield
  • Dot Certified
  • Ventilation system
  • NutraFog II shield
  • Breath box

It features a ClickRelease snow shield for quick shield removal or replacement. The helmet comes with a breath box and adjustable nose bridge for a customized fit, along with additional ventilation ports. This helmet is available with an electric shield as well and comes with Bell’s five-year warranty.

Strong constructionNothing to Say

5. FXR Clutch Evo Best Budget Pick Helmet

FXR Clutch Evo Best Budget Helmet

The FXR Clutch Helmet also comes in a variety of sizes and colors, both for men and women. The fuchsia-colored helmet is bright and certainly stands out against the white snow while riding. It comes in an open-faced style, or you can purchase the FXR Clutch Cold Stop QRS that comes complete with a breath box, chin skirt, removable vent plugs, and a quick-release goggle strap.

Key Features

  • advanced polymer alloy
  • Adjustable ultra hi-flow peak
  • Compatible neck braces
  • Sternum Pad
  • Dot Certified

This women’s snowmobile helmet also comes with a dual-density EPS liner, removable moisture-wicking comfort liner, and a quick-release buckle. It’s not as light as the 509 helmets above and doesn’t offer as many vented ports or “extras”, but it is still lighter than many snowmobile helmets and is a great all-around purchase.

Glove-friendlyNothing to Say
High-flow ventilation


There are a bunch of best women’s helmets for snowmobiling to choose from, but I suggested the best snowmobile helmet for women’s is still the 509 Altitude 2.0 Best Open-Face Helmet. You can’t go wrong with any of the options found above so if you see a helmet that better suits your needs than the 509 Altitude 2.0 on the list, let me know why that one works best for you!


Backcountry Riders:

If you enjoy active backcountry riding, then an open-face helmet with goggles is ideal given that it’s lighter. You should go with an open face.

Trail Riders:

If you enjoy primarily trail riding in extremely cold temperatures, then a full-face or modular-style helmet with an electrically heated visor may be the way to go for you.

Helmet Fiiting:

You need to have your helmet tight enough so it will stay in place during an accident or other form of sudden impact. This means you need to have it fairly tight on your head so it doesn’t move around when you move your head. 

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