Snowmobile Track Measurement
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How to Measure Snowmobile Track | Quick Guide

Are you worried about measuring your snowmobile Track? Don’t worry We’ve created a fitting guide to simplify the process of measuring and choosing the appropriate snowmobile track for you. After all, sooner or later they will become worn out and require replacement.

To measure your snowmobile track, you must know the drive pitch and the number of lugs. You then multiply these two numbers together to get the length.

The quick formula is Pitch x Number of Lugs = Length. 

Measure Your Snowmobile Track / Vital Parameters

There are some important things to know and understand about the length of a snowmobile track. Let’s say you are going to Select Snowmobile Tracks and don’t know how to measure a snowmobile track.

There are two major parameters called Drive Pitch, Number of Lugs, to consider while measuring a snowmobile track. After knowing the exact numbers of pitch and lugs you can get the right length of your snowmobile’s track.

1. How to Determine the Pitch of a Snowmobile Track

Drive Pitch

Measure the distance between two lugs from center to center to determine the pitch. For a slightly more accurate measurement, measure the distance between 10 lugs and divide it by 10. The standard measurements you’ll find for pitch are 2.52”, 2.86”, and 3”.

For Example

  • If the 10-pitch distance measured is 25¼” the pitch is 2.52”
  • If the 10-pitch distance measured is 30” the pitch is 3.0”
  • If the 10-pitch distance measured is 285/8” the pitch is 2.86”

2. Count all Lugs on the Track

Lugs on a Snowmobile track

To determine the length of the snowmobile track, an additional step is to count the total number of lugs (paddles, crossbars, or similar components) present.

3. Now Measure the Length by Formula

Once you have the two numbers figured out from the first two steps, all you have to do is multiply them together to figure out the track length.

Here’s the formula again for reference: Pitch X Number of Lugs = Length

Drive PitchNo of LugsTrack Length
2.5245113.4 / 114
2.8645128.7 / 129

4. Track Width of a Snowmobile

The measurement of one side of the track to the other. If you are looking at the track from directly behind, this is a measurement from left to right.

Snowmobile Track Width

How to Measure the Lugs on a Snowmobile Track

When it comes to measuring the lugs on your snowmobile track, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. 

  • The correct way to do it is by measuring the lug from the top of the track.
  • This will assure you have the right measurement to determine your stud length.

Another benefit of measuring the lugs in the right way led you to select your correct snowmobile stud kit!

Why the Track Length of a Snowmobile is Important

There are two reasons behind the conversation about knowing the appropriate Length of your Snowmobile Track.

  1. When replacing your snowmobile’s track, it is important to select a track of the exact same length that’s why you should know the exact length of your snowmobile’s track.
  2. The second reason is that the length can give insight into how any given snowmobile will perform.

Shorter track lengths are generally a little more agile and speedy, while longer lengths can perform better in deep snow. 

TracksKey FeatureLength
Shorter For faster machinesunder 140-inches
Middle PackDecent handling/Stability145-155-inches
LongerBig mountain/Floating160-inches


After my quick guide, I think now you grasp the fundamental method of measuring a snowmobile track and become familiar with the process. This knowledge can prove valuable when you plan to upgrade or purchase Tracks for your snowmobile in the future.


Common Length:

While 129” is the most common track length for the trail, some suspension setups like the Polaris CC skid give their tracks the same footprint on the ground as a 121”. The long track category lengths are 136”, 137”, 141”, 144” and 146”. These lengths are cross-over and capable both on and off-trail.

Length of a Snowmobile:

A typical trail sled has skis that are 48″ wide and the snowmobile is about 120-126″ in overall length. If you have mountain sleds, you’ll probably find a narrower ski stance but overall length can grow substantially. Utility sleds can be wider than trail sleds and longer than mountain sleds.

Track Miles:

How many miles is a snowmobile track good for? A snowmobile track is usually good for 3,000-15,000 miles. This is equivalent to 3-10 years of riding.

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