Electric Snowmobile

Electric Snowmobiles: Everything You Want to Know

Technical knowledge and mechanical know-how are no longer needed for an Electric Snowmobiles ownership.

Snowmobiling is growing day by day and the number of users is increasing every day. So it is important to full fill the demand of the snowmobile community. Many companies are looking forward to manufacturing electric snowmobiles and they are trying their best to offer quiet safaris.

The benefits of electric snowmobiles are many. They are largely silent when the engine noise is gone, they do not smell exhaust fumes and they are energy efficient. The biggest advantage is that our snowmobile rides are now sustainable.

Snowmobilers have to see it as a great opportunity to be able to take care of animals and nature. This is just one step closer for us to taking our guests on completely fossil-free adventures.

Electric Snowmobiles vs. Traditional Snowmobiles

FeaturesElectric SnowmobileTraditional Snowmobile
Traveling RangeCurrently restricted to about 200 miles/300kmDepends on the Gas tank Capacity
Cost Of SnowmobileExpensive but less Lifetime MaintenancePrice varies, and Maintenance Costs are Expected.
NoiseEffectively SilentNoisy
Maintenance No MaintenanceRegular Maintenance
EmissionsNo emissionEnvironmentally Damaging emission
SpeedAmazing AccelerationLess Acceleration

Taiga Electric Snowmobiles

Taiga is a Canadian company that transforms the off-road power sports industry and now they are presenting Electric Snowmobiles. They built three different Electric Snowmobiles for different purposes that are quieter, cleaner, and simpler to continue snowmobiling without disturbing nature.

Top Choices for Electric Snowmobiles

Right now taiga is the only company that makes Electric Snowmobile that can be trusted or used by snowmobilers for outdoor usage. So we’ve gathered a list of the Best Electric Snowmobiles by Taiga.

1. Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Nomad utility

Mechanically, It is a simplified snowmobile and it has a clean sheet design. Nomad offers optimized functionality for workhorse tasks, family outings, or trail riding. It Comes with a regenerative braking system, You can tune it too high when towing heavy charges or set it lower when cruising trails for maximized handling.

Low-to-no maintenance, customizable drive parameters, and hyper-precise throttle control equally contribute to Nomad’s ease of use and approachability for riders of all skill levels.

Key Features

  • Estimated Range 100km
  • 100% Electric
  • Utility Sled
  • 120 HP

Nomad allows snowmobile riders to silently ride and explore nature without hurting the environment. Nomad’s versatility is unmatched and it has a towing capacity of (510 Kg) and up to (57.4 Kg) of payload, 170 Nm of torque in drive or reverses, and crawl speeds as low as 1km/h.

Protecting the EnvironmentLimited Range 
Excellent Finish
Zero Maintenance

Nomad Electric Snowmobile Charging Levels

Recharging Nomad after a day out is as simple as park-and-plug. With standard Level 1 could take up to 14 hours and Level 2 could take up to 3.5 hours for charging, and optional Level 3 which can charge in 30 min, Nomad seamlessly integrates with existing electric vehicle charging networks.

2. Taiga Atlas Crossover Electric Snowmobile

Taiga atlas utility

Atlas Crossover an Electric trailblazing snowmobile, redefines the future of snowmobiling. Outstanding handling and control through acceleration jumps, and cornering from Atlas’ fine-tuned suspension and performance-focused powertrain bring the adrenaline-packed corners of the globe to your fingertips. Atlas delivers reliable, linear power for precise performance on or off the trail.

Key Features

  • Estimated Range 103km
  • 100% Electric
  • Utility Sled
  • 180 HP

Taiga developed the world’s first performance-focused, electric off-road tractive unit, pushing the frontiers of technology. With full-tilt acceleration speeds of 2.9 seconds from 0-100km/h, Atlas uses the permanent magnet motor’s wide RPM range to maximize acceleration and top speed.

Quickest Throttle ResponseLimited Range 
0 to 100 in 2.9sRecharge will take hours
No Maintenance

Atlas Electric Snowmobile Charging Levels

Atlas Crossover has two levels of charging Recharging. Charging your atlas crossover is as simple as park-and-plug after a day out on trails. With standard Level 1 could take up to 14 hours and Level 2 could take up to 3.5 hours for charging.

3. Taiga Ekko Mountain Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Ekko Mountain

This is the best Electric sled to ride in deep snow. Designed with a long track and narrow stance Ekko cuts through deep snow as a standout mountain electric snowmobile built to conquer the highest of summits. Direct electric drive and linear power delivery award riders with hyper-precise throttle control for right-power-at-right-time responses. With a clean sheet design and rigorous performance standards, Ekko unlocks sustainable alpine exploration.

Key Features

  • Estimated Range 103km
  • Mountain Sled
  • 100% Electric
  • 180 HP

Ekko increases the standards for backcountry handling. Regardless of altitude, Ekko silently grows on mountain peaks with up to 135kW peak power (180 hp), 170 Nm of torque from zero up to 7600 RPM, and a maximum speed of 130 km/h at 9000 RPM.

Quickest Throttle Response Limited Range 
Automotive StandardRecharge will take hours
0 to 100 in 3.3s

Ekko Mountain Electric Snowmobile Charging Levels

Ekko has many similarities with the atlas. It also has two levels of charging. Recharging your Ekko Mountain snowmobile is as simple as park-and-plug after a day out on trails. With standard Level 1 could take up to 14 hours and Level 2 could take up to 3.5 hours for charging.

Concerns about Batteries of Electric Snowmobiles

All the Batteries used by Taiga are lithium-ion battery packs. The company claims this setup provides 62 miles of range per charge. Every Electric Snowmobile Launched by taiga is a very well-developed world’s performance-focused, electric off-road tractive units, pushing the borders of technology. Taiga has a clear goal No transmission, No oil, Intelligent connectivity, and No engine maintenance. Taiga reduced the ownership costs with Enhanced Safety.


I think it’s probably a better idea to wait a few years before making a purchase. On the other hand, Electric snowmobiles are environment friendly. If you have the money and the ability to ride near your house to recharge the batteries quickly, I would say go for it and become a part of a healthy snowmobile community. Don’t forget to wear proper Snowmobile Riding Apparels before going out.

Manufacturer of Electric Snowmobiles:

Currently, Taiga is the only company that makes a production snowmobile that is available for sale. Even these are not yet available and are expected to hit the trails in the fall of 2022, but they are taking pre-orders now so hurry up if you need one.

Riding Gears :

Always wear a helmet and match your cold-weather gear with the conditions you are riding in, Other than that basic process is the same.

Safe or not :

The increased acceleration and speed do make them slightly riskier, but you should always ride with all the riding gears they will assure safety no matter what type of machine you are on.

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