Towing a Snowmobile
Guide and Tips

How to Tow a Snowmobile

How to tow a snowmobile safely then there are many precautions you must take in order to travel safely Whether you are towing a utility sled, cutter, or disabled snowmobile.

Easiest Way of Towing Heavy-Duty Utility Sled

Heavy Duty Utility Sled

Towing a Heavy Duty Utility Sled behind your snowmobile demands extreme caution to avoid injuries and damage to the snowmobile and sled as well. Always follow these essential precautions.

  • When towing a utility sled or any workload always use a stiff lingo trap.
  • Make sure the fastening system is sturdy enough to handle the total weight of the load being towed and Confirm that the stiff lingo is securely attached to a properly mounted hitch on the snowmobile.
  • The driver of the tow snowmobile must be very cautious and operate at slow speeds to keep the load under control at all times.
  • Avoid stopping in an uphill position since extra power required to initiate moving the load forward from a stopped position may lead to spinout and becoming stuck.
  • The driver of the tow snowmobile must be very cautious when crossing a road so that the tow snowmobile does not rotate out and become left in one of the driving lanes.
  • Constantly be sure the rear snow flap on the tow snowmobile is in place and properly functioning to avoid filling the utility sled with snow.

Tips to Tow a Disabled Snowmobile

Disabled Snowmobile

Towing a disabled snowmobile behind your snowmobile requires extreme caution to avoid injuries and damage to either snowmobile. Always follow these essential precautions.

  • Remove the drive belt from the machine that will be towed.
  • It is best to use a rigid tow bar rather than a rope or chain.
  • To keep a disabled snowmobile from wandering into oncoming traffic on the trail you must tow the disabled snowmobile with a rope or chain, and tie the left ski of the disabled sled tight against the tow snowmobile’s hitch or right rear.
  • Always operate at slow speeds. The driver of the tow snowmobile must be very cautious at all times.
  • It is suggested that passengers not ride on the snowmobile being towed. They could be injured if the disabled snowmobile gets out of control.
  • If passengers ride on the towed snowmobile, They should keep their feet on the running boards all the time and help steer and brake during towing.
  • Always be sure the rear snow flap on the tow snowmobile is in right place and correctly working to avoid injury to passengers.
  • Passengers should get off the towed machine and walk across the road while observing careful traffic when crossing a street.
  • Use flags or ribbons on both machines while towing to warn others that you are towing or being towed.


it is impossible to safely watch the skier and the trail ahead at the same time. Skiers should never be towed by a snowmobile

The best way of towing Snowmobile Cutters

Snowmobile Cutters

A cutter is the only passenger device that can be safely towed behind a snowmobile because it is a specially designed-snowmobile sled with a stiff trap to carry passengers. Always operate at a slower speed when pulling a cutter, and increase your following distance to provide greater reaction response time. Make sure the rear snow flap on the tow snowmobile is in place and properly working to avoid injury to cutter passengers.

Snow Tubes

Towing a Snow Tubes

It is not safe to tow snow tubes, inner tubes, toboggans, or any other type of sled particularly on trails until they have a stiff trap with a snowmobile. Persons being towed in any sled without a rigid hitch risk serious injury since they cannot run or guide their craft. This is especially true when turning corners, which can cause the tube or sled to swing dangerously far to the outside and potentially overturn.

Buddy Tow

The Buddy Tow is a smooth sheet of plastic that attaches to the track of a broken-down snowmobile in seconds without tools. It is made of UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight ). The dead sled will get over the deepest snow easily because of the three bungee cords and hooks.

Buddy Tow is a lifesaver and it will help you in the most difficult times when you have to tow a disabled sled. So this is the one thing that has to be in your accessories and it will fit into your bag pack easily.


Towing a dead snowmobile is very challenging but you can make that easy for you and another rider by taking some valuable steps. A buddy tow is one of the most important things to carry whenever you go out snowmobiling because it will help you in many situations and you can easily pull the damaged sled.


Drive belt needed or not :

Remove the drive belt before towing and have someone ride on the towed snowmobile to operate the brake and steering when necessary.

The best thing for Pulling :

Use either a tow rope or a tow strap to pull the disabled snowmobile. 

Effects on Engine :

Towing causes additional strain on your vehicle, from the engine to your brakes. So, it will slowly adjust on your engine over time

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