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Kids Snowmobile

If you are looking for a kids’ snowmobile then you are in a perfect place. If you want your children to develop a love for winter, then there is no better way to let them rip through the snow on their own snowmobile. There will be some lads who are away in physical activities among our friends and family.

In order to adopt snowmobiling in winter we have to pay close attention to the new models of snowmobiles. We have to pick the best options available in the market and this post will take a look at junior snowmobiles. I’ll provide you with some of the best machines built for teenagers, and other information to help you understand what makes these sleds built attractive for youngsters.

Snowmobiles for Kids 

We’ve listed some new models of snowmobiles for kids. After reading this, the love of snowmobiling will develop in all kids who love to ride on ice tracks. It’s essential to choose a snowmobile that will work well for your lad.

Top Choices of Kids Snowmobile

In today’s guide, we have listed the top choices of kids’ snowmobilers. Make sure you’ve checked all your boxes before making any decision of buying a snowmobile for kids.

1. Polaris 120 Indy for kids

Polaris 120 Indy kids snowmobile

Polaris 120 indy is a 120cc 4-stroke engine, which makes it a safety tether feature and reliable to ride. The Polaris 120 Indy is a great youth model to start and they will learn how to ride through the snow. It’s a well-built and reliable machine with everything you want your children to learn about proper riding safety and technique.

The 120cc engine is powerful enough to let the little ones zip around safely while still having fun and there is also a safety tether feature that automatically shuts down the engine. If the rider gets separated from the sled, there is absolutely nothing negative to say about this amazing little snow machine.

2. Yamaha Snoscoot ES Kids Snowmobile

Yamaha Snoscoot ES kids snowmobile

The Yamaha Snoscoot ES is a powerful machine. In this sled, the Fan-cooled 4-stroke engine is fixed. Comfortable to Swing 200cc good for a more skilled teenager. This Double wishbone front suspension serves up 4.5 inches of travel with a 30.5-inch ski stance. If your kids are starting. when they are a little bigger or have some experience with snowmobiles already.

The larger engine size does increase the price of this sled and it is the most expensive youth sled on the market but Yamaha Snoscoot ES is a reliable option and this snowmobile comes with a lightweight plastic ski that works really well with the smaller chassis. It gives the machine solid handling and control which is ideal for harder situations.

3. Snowmobile for Kids Ski-Doo MXZ 200

Kids SnowmobileSki-Doo MXZ 200

The Ski-Doo MXZ 200 is another solid youth model which has the perfect size for youngsters. This sled has a 4-stroke 200 cc engine, which is perfect power in the MXZ 120 & 200. This one will give your juniors the feel and function of a full-sized Ski-Doo on a more approachable scale.

Ski-doo has a standard safety tether code available, giving parents peace of mind. It also features a slide rail rear suspension with adjustable torsion springs and hydraulic twin tube arms up front. A full-featured snowmobile in a pint-sized offering, the MXZ 200 looks, and rides just like Mom and Dad’s sleds.

4. Arctic Cat ZR 120

Arctic Cat ZR 120

Don’t let the compact frame fool you because this is the perfect sled to introduce young riders to the adventures and excitement of snowmobiling. It’s the best snowmobile with a compact frame which comes with a 123cc 4-stroke engine and it also has hand warmers and a safety flag. Most unique design that highlights both safety and fun. This is another small shredder that will give your kids a safe and fun way to enjoy the winter.

The 4-stroke 123 cc engine will have them moving around the trails learning the proper skills and technique. This model is somewhat limited in how fast it can go. So it might not be the best choice for more experienced or larger riders.

5. Polaris Indy 121

Polaris Indy 121

Liberty 550 snowmobile engine provides reliable performance at a great value and it features a 550 fan as low maintenance, reliable engine. The adjustable-stance Independent Front Suspension (IFS) allows the sled to evolve with the rider. People with a smaller height sit on Polaris’s pro-ride chassis for a more comfortable cornering and effortless ride.

The all-new INDY EVO ski was designed exclusively for the sled and delivers confident handling and reduced steering effort. It has a smooth, consistent throttle response that gives the rider confidence-inspiring control. Polaris INDY EVO comes with and without an electric start and it’s by far the most reasonable sled of the bunch.

6. Ski-Doo Mini Z

Ski-Doo Mini Z

The reason for getting famous is the size of this sled because it is the world’s smallest snowmobile and mainly the sought-after models. The Mini Z is powered by a Rotax 122 engine, making it fast and fun to ride and with its bright and stylish graphics, the Mini Z is sure to turn heads on the trails. The design is ideal for those who are looking to guide their children on how to snowmobile and the capacity of the seat can hold up to 120 pounds.

The Ski-Doo Mini Z comes with an electric start, which is easy for kids to use. It also has a reverse lever, so your child can back up if they need to. This model is recommended for ages six and up. Ski-Doo Mini Z comes with a  one-year warranty and an easy-to-use guide making it a convenient choice for those that are new to snowmobiling. The Ski-Doo Mini Z is the perfect snowmobile for young racers who are looking for a sled that is designed for optimum performance.


4 Best Kids Snowmobiles :

1) Polaris 120 Indy 2) Yamaha Snoscoot ES
3) Ski-Doo MXZ 200 4) Arctic Cat ZR 120

Better to buy :

A used snowmobile is going to cost a lot less than a brand-new one. If you cannot afford a new snowmobile, it might be more beneficial to purchase a used one.

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke :

4-stroke is great for an on-trail sled. It’s a more expensive engine up-front but requires less maintenance and will last longer.

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