Starting a Snowmobile
Guide and Tips

How to Start a Snowmobile?

It seems an effortless task to start a snowmobile as long as it starts on the first pull. But if you feel it’s hard to start your snowmobile, this deserves a closer look. Before starting your snowmobile be familiar with it you have to read the owner’s manual first. This is the best guide for learning all the controls and adjustments for your particular machine.

Generally, we have two types of snowmobiles one with an electric start and one with a pull start.

Starting a Snowmobile with an Electric Start?

Snowmobile Electric Start

The snowmobiles with an electric start need 8 simple steps to start are following:

  1. Check your pre-ride checklist
  2. Put the key into the switch and turn it to the ON position
  3. Attach the tether cord
  4. Make sure the fuel line is ON
  5. Pull the choke lever out/operate the primer (if featured)
  6. Rotate the key to the START position and push the START button
  7. Warm up the engine before moving forward
  8. Release the choke (if featured)

How do you Pull Start a Snowmobile?

Snowmobile Pull Start

Starting a pull-start snowmobile requires minor bodywork and some steps to follow:

  1. Check your pre-ride checklist
  2. Put the key into the switch and turn it to the ON position
  3. Attach the tether cord
  4. Make sure the fuel line is ON
  5. Pull the choke lever out/operate the primer (if featured)
  6. Pull out the handle of the recoil starter until you feel resistance
  7. Pull the cord firmly
  8. If the engine doesn’t start, repeat the pull a few times
  9. Warm up the engine and the track
  10. Release the choke (if featured)

Tips to Improve Snowmobile Riding

Review the pre-ride checklist for every snowmobile outing to ensure your machine is ready for your trip and that you have all the gear you’ll need to have a safe and enjoyable tour. This section covers a vast range of secure riding tips including hand signals and riding positions; common trail signs; riding in groups, with passengers, alone, and in changing snow situations; getting unstuck; night riding; towing; and rider responsibilities.

once you’ve completed all pre-ride checks

  • Make sure the snowmobile is pointed in a safe direction
  • Be in a position where you can handle the machine you should be holding the handlebar with one hand when starting it with your other hand. once it starts in the occasion the throttle should attach, The best control positions include:
    1. holding the left handlebar with your left hand while kneeling with your right knee on the left side of the seat, so that you can come through to drag the manual starting string with your right hand.
    2. Hold the left handlebar with your left hand while sitting on the machine so that you can use the electric start with your right hand.
    3. While pulling the manual start rope you have to stand on the right side of the machine so you can hold the right handlebar with one hand.
    4. if you are using an electric start, stand on either side of the machine while using one hand to grasp a handlebar and another hand to operate the electric start.
  • Inspect the throttle by rotating it at least once to be sure it isn’t frozen; when released it should return quickly to the idle / starting position.
  • Review the key to confirm it is in the ‘on’ position and that the emergency-kill safety switch is in the ‘up’ position.
  • Rotate the throttle a couple of times and then stop or Start the engine depending on the machine, especially if it is cold or the first time it is being started that day.
  • Turn the key to the “start” position If you have an electric start machine. If the engine fails to start, instantly release the key so that you do not burn the electric starter out. Repeat until the engine starts and then release the choke as soon as the engine is idling smoothly.
  • If your machine has a manual start: pull the recoil starter cable out slowly until you feel resistance, then pull firmly while using care to not overextend/pull the starter rope out too far. Do not let the recoil starter snap back or you risk damaging it. To avoid recoil damage, promptly extend your arm back toward the recoil mechanism at the end of each pull and repeat the starting process until the engine starts. Gently return the recoil handle to its resting/start position once the snowmobile starts.
  • when starting the snowmobile’s engine continuously review the warning to not flood. stop before too much gas is used If the choke is used and the engine fails to start right away. Wait a minute or two and then try to start the engine again.
  • Before leaving, especially when it’s cold or at the start of an outing allow the machine’s engine to warm up after it’s first started by allowing the engine to idle for a few minutes.


Starting your Snowmobile is the most vital step to enjoying your snowmobile outing. You have to check your sled closely before starting your trip and make sure everything is in perfect position and in proper working condition to enjoy your ride.


Empty battery :

Starting a snowmobile with an empty battery, the best practice is to “emergency start” it by wrapping a rope around its clutch.

Pull Cord :

All you need to do is wrap a small rope around the primary and simply use it as a pull cord.

Weather side effects :

The sled has been sitting for a long time, Fuel line issues, Cold Weather.

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